Important updates on union drive at Mountain Xpress

Recent weeks have seen a few important developments in the ongoing union fight at Mountain Xpress:

1) Mountain Xpress’ management has agreed to the National Labor Relations Board’s requirements that it must remove or overhaul coercive employee rules put in place in December and affirm the right of all employees to disagree with management without threat, organize and push for better working conditions. We’re glad these unjust rules will be a thing of the past and hope this will serve as a reminder that the rights of workers can’t be ignored.

Read the settlement agreement here. Here’s the notice Xpress will post for its employees.

2) The regional office of the NLRB has declined to issue a complaint about retaliation against reporter David Forbes for his union activities, culminating in his April termination. After a review of the regional office’s rationale, Communications Workers of America counsel disagree, and have appealed the decision.

3) Xpress management agreed to offer a financial settlement to photographer Max Cooper after an NLRB investigation determined in February that Xpress violated federal labor laws when terminating him for protected activities.